Power Apps licensing: choose wisely

Power Apps Developer plan is free for creating and testing applications. This plan is provided with an individual environment, it is not for production use, but you can add users from your organization and work together on the applications.

Power Automate flows are free and included in the license if they are part of the PowerApps application.

Portal licensing for internal users is the same as for Model-driven or Canvas applications:

1.      Pay-as-you-go plan:

Use this plan if you don’t know how often employees will use apps.

You don’t need to pay before the usage of apps.

Multiple logins of one user to one application count as one log in.

Set up policy and notifications to be assured of the usage capacity of the license.

$10 per user/app/month for internal users

2.      Subscription plans:

–         Per-app plan:

The Canvas app embedded in a Model-driven will not consume any additional license.

The user can be assigned multiple ‘per app’ licenses.

The licenses should be assigned per environment per user.

Admins and app creators no longer need a separate PowerApps P2 license.

$5 user/app/month

–         Per-user plan:

Run as many apps as you want

$20 user/month 

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The pricing is different when it comes to external users. You need to buy one of two licenses:

1.      Login capacity (1 user login per 24h).

2.      Page view capacity – for unauthenticated users.

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For the first licensing type you can apply one of five tiers, depending on the needed number of logins:

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For example, if you need 1000-4999 external logins per month – you need to buy Tier 2, which is 10 units for $100 each = $1000 in total per month.

The Pay-as-you-go plan is not applicable for external logins\unauthenticated users.

PowerApps Portal license can also be included in Dynamics 365 Enterprise licenses, but the apps can be built in terms of the D365 app context. Custom apps or portals outside of the Dynamics 365 environment will require a standalone Power Apps license.